MedTOWN Whitepaper on SSE and Coproduction

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Co-producing social policies with SSE actors to fight poverty, inequality and social exclusion
3.2 Social and solidarity economy
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MedTOWN Whitepaper on SSE and Coproduction
This whitepaper presents a comprehensive analysis of the MedTOWN project, an ambitious initiative funded by the European Union under the European Neighborhood Instrument, aimed at fostering social, economic, and environmental sustainability across the Mediterranean region through the innovative integration of the Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) and co-production methodologies. Spanning six countries—Spain, Greece, Jordan, Palestine, Portugal, and Tunisia—the project has sought to demonstrate how collaborative efforts between public, private, and social sectors can address some of the most pressing challenges facing the region today.
Policy recommendations
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Education and training ; Governance, partnership ; Innovation capacity and awareness-raising ; Institutional cooperation and cooperation networks ; Regional planning and development ; SME and entrepreneurship ; Social inclusion and equal opportunities