Let's not waste energy! Join SOLE ACT GREEN Campaign!

Project acronym:
Project title:
High Energy efficiency for the pubLIc stOck buildingS in Mediterranean
4.3 Energy efficiency and renewable energy
Title of deliverable:
Let's not waste energy! Join SOLE ACT GREEN Campaign!
The SOLE project promotes environmental sustainability through a widespread awareness campaign targeting behavioral change to reduce energy waste. Developed by the Italian partner ARRR, the Capacity Building pack facilitates the launch of the "Act Green" campaign across partner territories and provides guidance for implementation in workplaces and daily life. The package includes detailed campaign guidelines, 10 Act Green posters in multiple languages, an introduction poster, YouTube videos with subtitles, 10 squared images for Instagram, and social media dissemination guidelines. These resources aim to engage a broad audience and maximize the campaign's impact.
Keep Keywords:
Construction and renovation ; Education and training ; Energy efficiency ; Innovation capacity and awareness-raising ; Renewable energy
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ACT GREEN Campaign package_EN.zip