iHERITAGE AR/VR/MR Web-Based Platform

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iHERITAGE: ICT Mediterranean platform for UNESCO cultural heritage
2.1 Technological transfer and commercialisation of research results
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iHERITAGE AR/VR/MR Web-Based Platform
The iHERITAGE AR/VR/MR web-based platform is a live project that focuses on maintaining and sustaining research, archiving, and data sharing related to cultural sites and assets. Developed by project partner, Associazione Circuito Castelli e Borghi Medievali, this platform ensures the sustainability of public-private partnerships established during the project. It aims to set common standards for cultural heritage data across borders, with a particular focus on UNESCO sites and intangible assets in the Mediterranean region. Through innovative ICT applications, such as guided tours in AR, immersive exhibitions, and advertising campaigns, the platform provides users with immersive experiences. By capitalizing on the latest technologies, iHERITAGE aims to promote access to Mediterranean cultural heritage and foster an innovative ecosystem for the transferability of results. The platform is accessible at https://www.iheritage.eu/.
E-tools and platforms
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Cultural heritage and arts ; Tourism