FFN-ii: Training on Location Aware System (LAS) Advances

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Commercialization of an Automated Monitoring and Control System against the Olive and Med Fruit Flies of the Mediterranean Region
2.1 Technological transfer and commercialisation of research results
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FFN-ii: Training on Location Aware System (LAS) Advances
The training meeting on Location Aware System (LAS) advances took place in Mabrouka Society in Khlidia-Ben Arous, Tunisia on May 18, 2023. The last day of the project's 3rd consortium meeting took place in Tunisia, by the Olive Tree Institute and the Regional Research Centre on Horticulture and Organic Agriculture (CRRHAB), and within the framework of the FruitFlyNet-ii project. Participants in the training meeting were the partners’ personnel and the hosting partner was the CCRHAB research team.
Eleven e-traps baited with Ceratitis capitata male attractant were set up gradually, along with conventional delta ones in the peach experimental sites belonging to Mabrouka society in Khlidia-Ben Arous. Tests on the transmission of data from the field to the server have been carried out successfully but with some failures. The research team will continue working to improve the quality of the devices.
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Agriculture and fisheries and forestry ; Education and training ; Innovation capacity and awareness-raising ; Institutional cooperation and cooperation networks ; Knowledge and technology transfer