Co-Evolve 4BG Transferability Plan

Project acronym:
Project title:
Co-evolution of coastal human activities & Med natural systems for sustainable tourism & Blue Growth in the Mediterranean.
4.4 Integrated coastal zone management
Title of deliverable:
Co-Evolve 4BG Transferability Plan
This deliverable consists of the Transferability Plan at Pilot Areas, regional scale and Mediterranean one of the Co-Evolve4BG project, presenting and analyzing the Transferability Actions and other supportive structures that took place during the project’s elaboration.
The Transferability Plan took into account all levels of reference, from local (Pilot Areas) to Mediterranean (and/or international level), ensuring the successful dissemination of the project’s impact and the exchange of experiences and knowledge.
Keep Keywords:
Climate change and biodiversity ; Costal management and maritime issues ; Tourism
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Transferability Plan.pdf