CCI SMEs’ clustering roadmaps for each city

Project acronym:
Project title:
Promoting UPcycling in Circular Economy through INNovation and education for creative industries in MEDiterranean cities
2.2 SMEs access to research and innovation
Title of deliverable:
CCI SMEs’ clustering roadmaps for each city
INNOMED-UP proposes to work with Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs) to shift local urban economies towards a circular production and consumption paradigm including optimal use of material resources, innovation enhancement for SMEs, knowledge transfer among cities, social inclusion and citizens’ engagement. The project works at a cross-border level supporting both technological developments and traditional recycling practices.
This documents contains a drafting of 6 clustering roadmaps, one per each participating city (Athens, Prato, Palermo, Tunis, Hebron and Nablus Cities, Irbid). For each of them there is an illustratation of the analysis of components and layers based on the survey, the roadmap strategy development and its implementation.
Keep Keywords:
Clustering and economic cooperation ; Innovation capacity and awareness-raising ; SME and entrepreneurship ; Social inclusion and equal opportunities ; Urban development