AQUACYCLE Portfolio of Outreach Activities

Project acronym:
Project title:
Towards Sustainable Treatment and Reuse of Wastewater in the Mediterranean Region
4.1 Water efficiency
Title of deliverable:
AQUACYCLE Portfolio of Outreach Activities
The Portfolio of Outreach Activities brings an overview of the different types of stakeholder engagement activities that were organized over the lifetime of the ENI CBC Med funded AQUACYCLE Project.
A preliminary chapter brings a highly condensed summary overview, informing about the respective audiences that were targeted, as well as the key performance indicators and main outcomes achieved.
This is followed by a detailed description of the different types of outreach activities, which have been spread out over 10 individual chapters:
1. First Series of Stakeholder Workshops
2. Second Series of Stakeholder Workshops
3. Third Series of Stakeholder Workshops
4. Interviews with water stakeholders
5. Final Conference
6. Synergies and clustering events with ENI CBC Med funded projects
7. Synergies with other EU funded projects
8. Participation in brokerage and innovation events
9. AQUACYCLE meets up with junior high school students
10. AQUAYCLE in the media
Keep Keywords:
Institutional cooperation and cooperation networks ; Knowledge and technology transfer ; Sustainable management of natural resources ; Water management