AQUACYCLE Local action and Investment plans

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Towards Sustainable Treatment and Reuse of Wastewater in the Mediterranean Region
4.1 Water efficiency
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AQUACYCLE Local action and Investment plans
The Local Action and Investment Plans report informs about the aims and outcomes of the third and final series of stakeholder workshops which was joined mainly by representatives at the local decision-making level, i.e. councillors of municipalities and representatives of Unions of Municipalities in Lebanon, and by policy- and decision-makers at the national level in Tunisia. Organized as a webinar in Spain, the event was joined mainly by wastewater treatment plant operators and technicians, as well as by entities involved in the planning and design of wastewater treatment projects, and research entities on wastewater treatment systems.
While the first chapter reiterates on the aims and scope of the events, the second chapter informs about the preparatory activity of drawing up actions plans with a target of reusing 300.000 cubic meters of treated wastewater per annum. The third chapter informs, briefly, about the presentations that were made at the respective events, while the fourth chapter brings the succinct outcomes from of the discussions and exchange of views that took place. Finally, chapter 5 takes stock of the significant level of attendance and of the wide media coverage that were achieved on the occasion of the third, and final, series of stakeholder workshops.
Actions plans/strategies
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Social inclusion and equal opportunities ; Sustainable management of natural resources ; Water management