DECOST: training lectures in Jordan schools about waste management and composting

Munir Al Rusan

During the first weeks of October, the DECOST team in Jordan have visited the Sama Male School and the Sama Female School, both included in the area in which the DECOST pilot is being implemented. For this reason, some composting units were earlier installed in the facilities of these educational centres. The DECOST team was represented by Dr. Munir Rusan from JUST University, Eng. Sora Alrousan and Eng. Mohammad Ziad Alrousan from AL-Sarow Municipality and Eng. Rabiah Omari from IAD. 

Dr. Munir gave lectures and training materials to students of the 9th and 10th grade on the subject of “Solid waste Management and Composting of Municipal Solid Organic Waste”. In his own words: "I was very pleased by the high interest in the topic by the students who were very interactive". In addition, they agreed with the school administration to form a team from volunteered students to start a project in composting in the backyard of the school.  Finally, the teachers of the “Biology Class” from both schools promised to include the lecture in the future as part of the curriculum of the class.