DECOST: Public presentation in Potenza, Italy, to the future users of the community composting pilot

Giuseppina Mazzone

The start of the pilot on community composting in the Italian city of Potenza, in the Basilicata region, is still in progress both technically and in terms of dissemination of the initiative among future users. A few days ago, the future community composting module was presented, which is being installed in a shared urban garden space. 

The users of these urban gardens in Potenza will be the main beneficiaries of the pilot test of the DECOST project, as they will not only have a space in which to manage the organic fraction of their waste, but will also be able to enjoy the use of the compost generated in situ at the end of the composting process.


The event was organised by Legambiente Potenza, and was attended by Professor Donatella Caniani, scientific director of the DECOST project in Italy, Daniela Pandolfo, president of Legambiente Potenza, Mrs. Daniela Casorelli and Mr. Marco De Biasi, member of Legambiente Potenza. Users of the "urban gardens", Mr. Rocco Santoro (Crtec) and other interested people also participated.