DECOST project to be presented at the "European Night of Research" in Vic, Spain

The European Research Night, held every year in more than 300 cities in 30 European countries at the same time, is a public event dedicated to the dissemination of science. Its aim is to bring research, innovation and its protagonists to the public of all ages in a smooth and fun way.

The slogan of the European Research Night is "Research for Change". Research is needed for our society and our world to truly advance. For example, it's clear that we need to find new substitutes and materials more environmentally friendly, less expensive and more affordable, such as nanomaterials made with bacteria for the creation of dressings, or bioproducts or bioplastics for organic waste management.

For all this, and much more, research is so important, research is necessary for change. In this occasion, the DECOST team from the BETA Technological Center will have the opportunity to explain the development of this ENI CBC Med project focused in the introduction of community composting as the principal strategy to deal with all the organic waste management in a small Mediterranean town.

All information about this event here (in Catalan)



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