DECOST: Jordanian partners prepare for the final phase of project implementation

Mohamed Hiary

Irbid Agriculture Directorate (IAD) and University of Science and Technology (JUST) have participated in the ENI CBC MED workshop organized by the M.anaging Authoriyt and the Joint Tehncial Secretariat to train the Jordanian partners of ENI CBC MED projects on “Interim Reports/Finishing Financials”, which was held in Amman the past November. The attendees have discussed the preparation of the project final reports and the key messages that must be considered in relation to the final communication of the project.

These are the necessary steps for the Jordanian project partners to face the final phase of DECOST implementation in this country. In their case, the DECOST project has enabled the implementation of a pioneering experience in which the potential of incorporating a comprehensive composting system to treat all the organic waste generated in the town of Al Saru, in the municipality of Irbid, is being tested.

The experience, already with a few months of perspective, is proving to be very positive. The project has allowed the members of IAD i JUST to have direct contact with many stakeholders, public entities and citizens' associations that can play a very important role in improving waste management systems in their territory. Their experience is of great value to many territories in the Mediterranean region that share common challenges.