DECOST: Community Composting experience in Potenza, Basilicata, presented in the Ecoforum Basilicata

Giuseppina Mazzone

The "Ecoforum Basilicata," organized by Legambiente Basilicata, was held for third time in ScamBiologica, at the city of Potenza, last 12th of January. In this occasion, the event was focused on the topic of circular economy and provided attendees with the opportunity to learn about various examples of this approach being implemented in the region of Basilicata.

One of the initiatives discussed at the event was the pilot experience of the DECOST project in the Region of Basilicata, which aims to introduce decentralized community composting systems in the city of Potenza, using decentralized community composting module installed in a shared urban garden space. Representatives of the University of Basilicata and EGRIB, members of the DECOST consortium, presented the project experience as an example of how the principles of circular economy can be applied in practice.

The “Ecoforum Basilicata” provided a platform for individuals to gain a better understanding of circular economy and its implementation in Basilicata. The Decost Project is just one of the initiatives being undertaken in the region to promote the circular economy, and it is encouraging to see the positive impact it may have on the environment.