CROSSDEV unveils name and payoff of its new brand for sustainable tourism

CROSSDEV - CoopCulture

Today, we can finally unveil the name and pay off which, together with the logo, will constitute the identity of our project’s digital platform, which is due to appear online in the coming weeks.

Retracing the steps that led to its genesis, already partly illustrated in the interview with Davide Aldrighetti of Kumbe (a communication agency which supported our project’s partner CoopCulture - responsible for the platform - in the creative process), today we can reveal the chosen name.

Where cultures meet

The creative journey in search of the name began surveying the partners to collect their views on the common elements of the five projects areas – Via Selinuntina in Italy, Aqaba and Umm Qais in Jordan, the Jabal Moussa Biosphere Reserve in Lebanon, and the Palestinian Heritage trail in Palestine. Such brainstorming happened both via interviews and with an in-person lively session during one of our latest steering committees. Together, we created a conceptual map from which drawing inspiration.

It was a real path of exchanges and comparisons among all partners across the sea, all united by ancient cultures and routes that have always kept them together across the Mediterranean.

Hidden Mediterranean” was chosen for its ability to represent our project’s scopes: finding hidden treasures of the Mediterranean and turning them into precious sustainable tourism destinations aimed at conscious travellers from all over the world. The name is completed by a meaningful pay off “Where cultures meet”, because culture is really what unites all our destinations. Traditional handcrafts, hospitality, archaeology, nature, history, architecture, food, cultivations and more: they are all part of that unique culture that unites all Mediterranean countries. That very same culture that we – inspired by the concept of Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe – want to promote through CROSSDEV.

To finally select that name and pay off, we had to try a number of versions and have been assisted by professionals. English and Arabic mother-tongue consultant writers analysed a selection of names and pay offs elaborated by us, also studying their sound and graphic expressions.

Dana Abzakh, an Arab writer, gave an invaluable contribution helping us choosing the most suitable name and pay-off also in consideration of the Arab culture and point of view. She particularly praised the choice of the word “hidden”, specifically. “Because Arabs love to explore and discover things and secrets, it is a more than wonderful option…As for the payoff, I think names like: Where cultures meet/ الثقافات تلتقي حيث  are appropriate, unique, and professional names, also these names can be used and will be a very good choice, because the project includes more than one country and more than one different culture”.

In the coming weeks we will unveil the logo and the graphic sign associated with the chosen name. Keep following us!