CROSSDEV opens the Library of Sustainable Tourism and Cultural Routes in Sambuca di Sicilia, Italy


On 28 September 2022, the Library of Sustainable Tourism and Cultural Routes will be inaugurated in the beautiful location of Palazzo Panitteri, in Sambuca di Sicilia, Italy.

This is an initiative of the CROSSDEV project, led by the NGO CISP – the International Committee for the Development of Peoples - and co-funded by the European Union through the ENI CBC MED Programme.

Launched in 2019, from the beginning CROSSDEV, always with the involvement of local institutions, has carried out in Sicily an action to promote the Via Selinuntina as a sustainable tourism destination in collaboration with two Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe Iter Vitis and Phoenicians Route.

The Library aims to be a point of aggregation and mutual knowledge, as well as a place to study sustainability, to get to know the natural and cultural beauties of the Mediterranean basin, and to analyse the methodologies for developing a responsible tourism, conscious of the territory and its inhabitants. It will welcome students, travelers and, of course, the community of Sambuca and all of Sicily, offering a unique experience. Only through mutual knowledge can peace and more serene and fruitful coexistence be achieved, as already amply demonstrated by the actions of inclusiveness and hospitality for which Sambuca di Sicilia is already famous all over the world.

The Library, whose endowment will be nourished more and more with the passage of time, will be a place for comparison, debate, study and development of new strategies to create a sustainable tourism, capable of producing a positive impact on the territory of Sambuca and all the Via Selinuntina. It will be open to everyone, free of charge.

The inauguration of the Library will be held in Palazzo Panitteri on 28 September 2022 at h. 15:00.

The opening will be attended by the Mayor of Sambuca di Sicilia, other local authorities, CISP staff as CROSSDEV’s coordinators, as well as the members of the RESTART MED steering committee, who will be in Sicily that week for the Sustainable Tourism Summit in Palermo (27 September) and other project related activities.

Palazzo Panitteri, home of IterVitis and, now, the location hosting the CROSSDEV Library of Sustainable Tourism and Cultural Routes Sambuca di Sicilia (Italy)

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