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CROSSDEV joins the 2022 Clean Up the World campaign in Aqaba, Jordan

In Aqaba, Jordan, the EU-funded CROSSDEV project is gathering 1500+ people to take part in the Clean Up the World 2022 campaign on 21st and 22nd September, after a week full of events leading to it starting on 14th September.

The campaign is organized for CROSSDEV by local partner JREDS - The Royal Marine Conservation Society of Jordan – with the active participation of the ENI CBC MED Programme. The whole week of events will see the participation of the Delegation of the European Union to Jordan, Embassies of a number of European countries, project partners, stakeholders, local community members, students, and volunteers, all taking part to the many interactive activities organised within the campaign.

The city of Aqaba has joined the international Clean Up the World campaign since 1993. The campaign is performed each year in coordination with a wide range of stakeholders including the government, the public, and the private sector. Also, NGOs, schools, youth as well as thousands of volunteers and marine devotees are actively engaged.

The campaign aims to:

  • Enhance the awareness of the harmful effects of waste on environmental, touristic, social, and economic systems among Jordanian society and decision-makers.
  • Protect sensitive and fragile natural and historical habitats as well as various extraordinary creatures living in the Gulf of Aqaba.
  • Provide a clean and healthy environment in Aqaba, including touristic, archeological, and natural sites.
  • Promote the understanding of "sustainable tourism and sustainable developments concepts.
  • Direct the attention of decision-makers, governments, and industries towards the importance of the sustainable tourism, less-known sites, heritage, and environment, and their responsibility for protecting it.

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