CROSSDEV invites you to the 2023 Ramadan Delight competition 


The time has come for the 2023 edition of CROSSDEV's famous Ramadan Competition in Jordan. Once again, the competition is organised by The Royal Marine Conservation Society of Jordan, our project’s partner which is based in Aqaba, on the Jordanian coast.

This year the competition’s quizzes will not be limited to Aqaba, but will also include the Mediterranean countries, also promoting the project’s brand-new Hidden Mediterranean platform. Again, it will be a fun way to get to know more about sustainable tourism, lesser-known destinations, the communities of our villages and their culture, traditions, and habits.

The online competition starts today, March 23, 2023 and finishes on April 22, 2023. Once again, the competition is open to participants of all ages.

How to participate

Quizzes and questions will be posted every day on JREDS Facebook page, as well as complete instructions and day by day guidelines.
Correct answers will be posted the following day, when the winner of the day will be selected through electronic drawing and mentioned publicly.
Many prizes will be distributed at the end of the competition!

All the best!

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