CROSSDEV clean-up campaign in Jordan with partner JREDS, phase III

CROSSDEV partner The Royal Marine Conservation Society of Jordan (JREDS) in the Aqaba city - southern Jordan - continues its efforts in the clean-up campaigns around the sites of implementation of the project.

While two phases of the campaign have already been carried out in the past weeks, the third phase will be held on September 2nd, when JREDS, in cooperation with the Antiquities Department of the Tourism Ministry, and together with a number of local volounteers, will clean-up the area around the Byzantine Church site.

The rehabilitation of this historical site will also include the painting of the fence and walls to enhance the archaeological value of the site, as well as lawn mowing and tree pruning at Ayla Islamic City. 

These campaigns are not only aimed at cleaning and rehabilitating the sites, but also at educating the local community about the historical, touristic, economic, social, and cultural importance of the archaeological sites of their city. Moreover, such kind of awareness and protection of heritage is also part of the sustainable development goals of the UN 2030 Agenda.

When: 2nd September 2020, between 9:00 a.m. – 11:00 am.

Where: Aqaba City- Byzantine Church Site and Islamic Ayla City 

Who: 10-15 Volunteers 

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