CRE@CTIVE in Tunisia is looking to purchase equipment for creative labs


CRE@CTIVE's Tunisian partner, MFCPOLE, is launching a call for four tenders to purchase equipment that will be used in Tunisia's creative labs, TECHNO L@B. Selected suppliers are requested to deliver and install the equipment at the Technolab of Monastir Technopark, 5011 Kheniss.



Kindly download the tenders here:



Tenders accompanied by the technical data sheets of the proposed equipment, initialled and signed according to the tenders prescriptions and the conditions of the consultation, must be submitted "in a sealed envelope" to one of the two registry offices:



Registry office 1:

Hôtel d’entreprises, Pôle industriel « Neopark El Fejja », EL Fejja 1153 Mornaguia-La Manouba

Phone: +216 70 242 430

Fax: +216 70 242 431 




Registry office 2:

Technopole de Monastir, Halle Polyfonctionnelle, 5011 Kheniss

Phone: +216 73 401 010

Fax: +216 73 40 10 20



The deadline for submission of tenders is the 8th of April 2022 until 17:00.


For more information, kindly email