CRE@CTIVE in Tunisia holds a seminar on "Promotion of creativity in the Textile, Clothing and Leather & Shoe industries"

CRE@CTIVE's Tunisian partner, ‎the Monastir-El Fejja Competitiveness Cluster (MFCPOLE), in collaboration with the Tunisian Association of Textile‎ Researchers (ATCTex), are holding a seminar on the "Promotion of creativity in the Textile, Clothing and Leather & Shoes industries".

At the event, participants will have the chance to learn more about the CRE@CTIVE project's Call for Subgrants and how to integrate creativity in the traditional sectors of textile, clothing, footwear and leather.

The event is taking place on Thursday 6th of January, in Neotex Monastir Technopark, Tunisia, at 9:00hrs CET.

Interested applicants can register through the following link.

Check out Facebook and ATCTex's website for more information!

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