CRE@CTIVE talks: "Consumer trends: the tensions of the period as a source of value creation"

Join us at the 2nd online CRE@CTIVE talk, "CONSUMER TRENDS: THE TENSIONS OF THE PERIOD AS A SOURCE OF VALUE CREATION ", on Wednesday, November 2nd at 10:30 am.


Part of a three-part series of talks taking place between October and November 2022 as part of the CRE@CTIVE Fashion Event, which will take place on November 24th in Igulada, Spain.


Our speaker, Daniel Córdoba-Mendiola, one of the leading strategic trend analysts in Europe, will give us a quick tour of the current strong tensions of our period, how consumers are experiencing them and how they can help us build value propositions.


Daniel Córdoba-Mendiola is one of the leading strategic trend analysts in Europe. From London and Barcelona, he directs The Hunter, a strategy and innovation consultancy that helps clients such as Puig, Hawkers, Danone, Coca Cola and Desigual to understand the environment and detect short and medium-term opportunities to ensure relevance and value processes in order to create the accurate campaign and product in tune with the contemporary fashion industry


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