CRE@CTIVE in Spain organised an exhibition to present prototypes of 16 Mediterranean innovative, creative designers

Join us as we look back at the CRE@CTIVE Exhibition in Igualada, Spain! The Catalan Fashion Cluster (MODACC), CRE@CIVE's Catalan Partner, held an exhibition that showcased the 16 lucky winners of CRE@CTIVE's subgrants, where their innovative prototypes were presented to the public!

The event took place at Igualada Fashion Lab on 24th November 2022, presenting "Digitalization to break borders in the fashion industry" by Jordi Balsells, former director of such relevant brands as Sita Murt, Desigual, and Fútbol Club Barcelona. It continued with the presentation of the prototypes by the young designers, accompanied by the mayor of Igualada, Marc Castells, and the vice president of Modacc, Bernat Biosca. The Exhibition remained open to the public until 1st December 2022.


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