CRE@CTIVE launches FI@CTIVE platform to empowers Valencia's businesses with financial support and transparency


The CRE@CTIVE platform is a powerful resource that provides companies in the Valencia region (Spain) with a comprehensive database of financial aid, financing instruments, and investment options. Supported by the EU- funded programme ENI CBC Med and the participation of 23 financial institutions, this initiative plays a vital role in promoting transparency and bolstering the growth and competitiveness of businesses in the region.

Recently, the AITEX Research and Innovation Center and the Valencian Institute of Business Competitiveness (IVACE) organized the launch of the FI@CTIVE platform on the 9th May 2023 on line. This event saw the active involvement of 23 financial institutions, including banks, business angels, and capital ventures. The online session introduced the new platform, which was developed as part of the Valencian Regional Observatory's strategy to support the region's traditional sectors.

The FI@CTIVE platform serves as a centralized database, offering a comprehensive overview of the various financial aids, financing instruments, and investment options available to companies in the region. By providing up-to-date information and mapping these resources, the platform facilitates informed decision-making and policy formulation. Its accessibility enables monitoring of the effectiveness of financial aid policies, ultimately promoting transparency. Moreover, it aims to become a valuable tool for companies, offering direct support and information.

During the launch event, a productive question and answer session took place, allowing participants to delve into the platform's features and capabilities. The involvement of 23 financial institutions highlights the platform's significance within the region's financial ecosystem and its potential to foster the growth and competitiveness of companies.

The introduction of the FI@CTIVE platform marks a crucial milestone in the Valencian Regional Observatory's strategy. It signifies a substantial leap forward in enhancing the region's competitiveness and facilitating the growth of local businesses. The session provided a comprehensive understanding of the platform's functionality and outlined the medium and long-term benefits it can offer. Furthermore, this experience sets a precedent for the replication of similar initiatives in other autonomous communities in Spain, ensuring the availability of relevant information at the national level.

Overall, the launch of the FI@CTIVE platform represents a significant development for the region's financial sector. Its implementation holds immense potential for supporting the growth and competitiveness of companies, positioning the Valencia region as a hub for innovation and economic progress.