CRE@CTIVE in Egypt: NET-L@B Conference - Innovation and Cooperation in the Textile, leather & footwear Sectors Euro-Mediterranean Network

The Confederation of Egyptian European Business Associations, in collaboration with the the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce, invites you to the EU-Funded CRE@CTIVE conference " The CRE@CTIVE NET-L@B: Innovation and Cooperation for Traditional Sectors Euro-Mediterranean Network", which will be held on Sunday the 22nd of January at 11 AM EET at the Helnan Palestine Montazah Hotel in Alexandria, Egypt.

The conference is part of the "NET-L@B" activities of the ENI CBC MED CRE@CTIVE project. It will shed light on the sectors' challenges, opportunities and how to improve collaboration across the Mediterranean region.

It will also highlight the future activities of NET-L@B, CRE@CTIVE's creative lab in Egypt, where workshops, training sessions, and networking opportunities will be available to creatives, entrepreneurs, start-ups and MSMEs in the industry.

The event is open to the public. Please register for the event here:

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