COMMON: What is conscious entrepreneurship?


The institutional capacity building program of the COMMON project continues. This time, for the benefit of tourist operators and the various stakeholders in the tourism sector of the city of Monastir. On March 10, 2022, in fact, the COMMON project team at the Institut National des Sciences et Technologies de la Mer, organized a workshop entitled "Conscious entrepreneurship for tourism operators”, a two-days training event aimed to improve and promote a sustainable tourism in the city of Monastir, considering the integrated management of coastal areas in the whole region.

The event was the occasion to present the COMMON project, its objectives and its activities, including the forthcoming Beach CLEAN campaign. Then, the workshop focused on the blue economy in Tunisia, on the sustainable development to boost maritime tourism in the Mediterranean, and, finally, on the ecotourism in Tunisia deepening its actors, its activities and its regulatory and institutional framework.

The event also gave space to practical and concrete actions: an entire afternoon was dedicated to the design of an ecotourism project and its stages of creation.

Among the speakers, we mention: the Tunisian project coordinator Sana Ben Ismail, the ambassador of the BlueMed initiative at INSTM Ines Boujmil, the representative of the Co-evolve4BG project, Khouloud Athimen, the INSTM trainer Walid Hassayoun.

All details and the full gallery of the event: Day 1Day 2