COMMON in Venice for a Plastic-free healthy Mediterranean Sea

Following the special event at EcoMondo in November 2019, the BlueMed Pilot Action “Plastic-free for a healthy Mediterranean Sea” is again on the scene. Mediterranean countries’ experts and stakeholders meet in Venice to continue the cross-border coordination to tackle the threat of plastic litter, stepping from exchanging and learning good practices to scale-up operational actions. The event is hosted by Italian National Research Council (CNR-ISMAR).

COMMON, as cross-border project engaged in the sustainable managment of waste to prevent marine litter, is participating with enthusiasm. Legambiente Onlus, as Lead Beneficiary, and University of Siena, as crucial research and monitoring partner, are ready to spread the aims of the project and to reflect of the next actions.

Via national hubs established at country level, Blue Med Conference progress is expected on integrating knowledge and innovation in a circular economy and green deal prospective, promoting recycling systems and technologies. Moreover, the event is supporting sustainable growth in the marine and maritime sectors in order to create new "blue" jobs, inform policies, develop solutions to meet the opportunities; engaging citizens, raising their voice. Back-to-back with the Mediterranean Regional Workshop preparing the UN-Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development 2021-2030, this BlueMed event will mark a key milestone for projecting the "plastic litter" challenge and related concrete actions in the global perspective.

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