COMMON project at Ocean Action! Conference

To end overfishing and harmful fishing practices, to phase out pollution from land and sea sources, to protect wildlife and habitats against the impacts of shipping and other maritime activities, Ocean Action! will bring together policy makers, scientists, activists and artists to call on the EU for action on its commitment to protect and restore our seas and ocean. The conference will take place in Brussels, on 5 February 2020.

COMMON, as EU project fully inscribed in the realm of requested changes, will participate with a short pitch on the project aims and on the next actions planned to fight marine litter.

Ocean Action! will be an all-day event, featuring plenary sessions with inspirational speeches from highly regarded guests, together with parallel breakout sessions where participants will get a chance to share their ideas of the bold action needed to make progress. During the breaks, visual and musical artists will bring a different perspective, joining our hearts to our minds.

The event takes place in the context of the Ocean Week, from 3-7 February. During the Ocean Week, civil society organisations will organise a series of events in Brussels to raise awareness of the need to care for our seas and ocean.

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