Collaboration, networking, innovation, education and know-how for the revitalization of Mediterranean Cities historic centers through Circular Economy. The 2nd INNOMED-UP Conference shared experiences.

The 2nd INNOMED-UP Conference took place on Monday 27 September 2021, jointly organized by the Municipality of Tunis (Tunisia) and the Lead Beneficiary of the INNOMED-UP Project National Technical University of Athens (Greece). The event was organized in a hybrid manner, hosted at the Tunis Municipal Palace but also via teleconference. Mrs. Souad Ben Abdelrahim, Mayor of Tunis welcomed all the partners, ENI CBC MED Managing Authority and JTS officers, prominent speakers as well as other guests and invite them to actively participate so that INNOMED-UP project makes a difference, and prove the ability of all the involved parties to be creative and find effective and innovative solutions. Mr. Hedi Chbili, representative of the ministry of local affairs and the environment opened the conference and highlighted the importance of INNOMED-UP project which offers cross-border exchange between cities and learning from the best practices, in order to contribute to pressing environmental issues and waste management challenges.

Key note speaker of the conference was Mr. Mounir Majdoub, environmental expert and former Minister of the environment, who gave an inspiring lecture on Circular Economy challenges and Waste Management practices.

The 2nd INNOMED-UP conference presented all the work and hard efforts of all the partners during the 2nd year. Especially the INNOMED-UP pilot integration action, strategy and implementation, where each project partner was faced with concrete local up-cycling market reality, which includes economic challenges, and enabling ecosystems and city dynamic trends, impacting SME resilience. Shared experiences between project partners during this conference, helped present new approaches and techniques for more resilient ecosystems for SMEs in circular economy, in each city. The conference concluded with the brief presentation of the work of local circular economy start-ups and the wrapping up session by Ms. Aida Robbana, representing the UN Habitat.

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