“Coastlines and sustainable tourism”- the transferability event of Co-Evolve4BG in Rome (Italy)


The conference was organized in Rome on the 7th June 2023 by the Tourism Department of Lazio Region in partnership with Valenciaport Foundation in the framework of Co-Evolve4BG project in order to transfer to other Italian coastal areas the results of the project.

The first part of the event was coordinated by Giuliano Tallone (Tourism Department of Lazio Region) who introduced the deputy head of cabinet of Lazio Region, Civita Di Russo, for the institutional greetings. Then, an introductory session of update and framing of the project (Integrated Coastal Zone Management, Marine Spatial Planning, Mediterranean strategies) by Erica Peroni (Tourism Department of Lazio Region), followed by the representative of the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) that stressed the importance of promoting the project in the frame of Mediterranean strategies; afterwards there was the presentation of the activities related to integrated coastal  zone management and maritime spatial planning carried out in Lazio Region and finally the description of the peculiar coastal management in protected marine area of “Regno di Nettuno”.  

The second part of the meeting was coordinated by Ioanna Papaioannou (PlanO2 Consulting - Greece) who shared the experiences of Co-Evolev4BG pilot area of Alexandropulis-Samothraki and presented the results of the project at Mediterranean and local scale, while those regarding the project toolkit with the indicators developed to assess the level of sustainability of tourism in coastal areas were dealt by U-Space.
More than 40 people took part in the event and the final discussion with ideas and proposals to transfer the results of the project in other coastal areas.

These are the most significant proposals that emerged during the day:
-      transfer of project results to the Biosphere Reserve (MAB) network in Italy;
-      transfer of Co-Evolve4BG toolkit to the “Blue Economy” Department in Lazio Region to be used by the local municipalities for coastal management;
-      communication of project results through specific campaigns;
-      dissemination of project results by taking part to scientific conferences and forums;
-      organization and participation in workshop and events.

Transferring the knowledge of the results of Co-Evolve4BG project is  very important to promote the co-evolution of human activities and natural ecosystems towards a sustainable tourism in coastal areas, because “you love what you know and you protect what you love”.