Co-Evolve4BG in Tunisia launches a tender


The National Environmental Protection Agency (ANPE) from the Ministry of Environment launches a tender for Co-Evolve4BG project.

It is looking for a person in charge of producing reports on threats and enabling factors (T&EF) in the coastal area of Sousse, Tunisia.
Participation in this consultation is open to all people who present the technical guarantees, and the necessary references for the service.
The deadline for application is 12th January 2023, at 5.00 pm 

More information is available at the following link:[0]=AT1T6HlQTEImxj7cm5LR7xp4hcZIslvBFY01Ks9heRZqr0XdAj3m6x3IL4Au6DINRlJhmgZqFNdewUMAVYh_EyfviPxUUpMoNlahW294DJpbGuxXF8WAB1Y-BJKnPoRh-KxQg-mxcgOtKaTQ7qvoO5UVEEmCLUNEu9ZjjD9xAsj0JyAzkg