Co-Evolve4BG in Tunisia involves local stakeholders in the promotion of sustainable coastal and maritime tourism


On the 2nd and 3rd March 2023, the Institut National des Sciences et Technologies de la Mer (INSTM), the lead beneficiary of Co-Evolve4BG, organized a participatory training/workshop in Djerba. Attendees with different backgrounds and expertise including: representative of municipalities, Minister of Transport, Minister of Tourism, Environmental Agencies, Maritime Cluster of Tunisia, NGOs, scientists and experts…) participated in this event. The event aimed to draft a strategic action plan aiming to promote sustainable coastal/maritime tourism in Djerba. To reach this objective, a participatory approach was adopted.

During the event, discussions were focused on 3 priority axes, which were fixed at prior step based on the results of the threats & enabling factors analysis at Djerba scale and the feedback of the local actors during the previous events held in the context of Co-Evolve4BG. The selected priority axes includes:
-    Climate change and erosion;
-    Transport & accessibility; and
-    Best practices to promote coastal/maritime tourism.

During the event, these priority axes were discussed while taking into consideration there relation (impact/effect on) with the coastal/maritime tourism in Djerba. Thus, during the first session a SWOT analysis was carried out to identify and analyse each priority axe’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in relation with coastal/maritime tourism in Djerba. Later on, during the second session and based on the SWOT results, strategic action plans –to promote coastal/maritime tourism in Djerba- were identified by the local actors.
Based on the results of this event, a draft of action plans will be elaborated and shared with the local actors and experts to be more refined. At further step, conventions will be signed with the designated authorities who will adopt/implement the Action Plans in the context of further initiatives.
The event was a great success and led to a fruitful exchange of ideas. In addition, in the context of extending the project outputs and approach beyond the project pilot areas, the list of participants included a representative from the Municipality of Carthage and a representative from the “MEGARA des villes durables intelligentes” association which represents a Tunisian municipalities network.