Co-Evolve4BG participates in the event "Towards a more sustainable tourism in the Mediterranean" which took place in Florence, Italy.


Co-Evolve4BG had the honour to take part in the event "Towards a more sustainable tourism in the Mediterranean" organized by the three Interreg programs: Interreg Italy-France Maritime, Interreg NEXTMed and Interreg Euro-MED in Florence on 4th May 2023.

The event has highlighted the importance of building synergies between the three ongoing programmes to overcome the different issues threatening a sustainable tourism development. It also emphasized on the importance of capitalization, knowledge sharing and joining efforts to move forward and to provide solutions to common cross-border arising at different scales.
In addition, it pinpointed the local actors' engagements - through adopting a bottom-up process and an efficient participatory approach- as a part of mechanisms which can ensure better governance.
During the event, a toolkit -regrouping a set of tools developed in the context of the three Interreg programmes- was presented and shared with the different participants.

The event also offered a room for networking between the different attendees which allowed the project to identify some potential synergies.