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Co-Evolve4BG organizes a «Training & Participatory Workshop» to draft an Action Plan promoting sustainable coastal/maritime tourism in Djerba, Tunisia

In the context of Co-Evolve4BG, a «Training & Participatory Workshop» will be organised on 2 and 3 March 2023 in Djerba (Tunisia) by the National Institute of Marine Sciences and Technologies of Tunisia (INSTM). This event aims to draft an Action Plan based on the feedback of the local actors to promote sustainable coastal/maritime tourism activities in the region.

2nd March 2023 (Afternoon) - Physical meeting only:
The training will provide a short assessment of the tourism sector in Djerba based on Co-Evolve4BG findings. In addition, it will focus on presenting tools that can promote/develop sustainable coastal/maritime tourism activities in Djerba.

3rd March 2023 (Morning) - Physical meeting only:
Group discussions will be held through the world café approach. Participants (Djerba-local actors) will discuss and develop a set of proposals that should pave the way for sustainable coastal/maritime tourism in relation with the following points:
- Climate Change & Erosion;
- Transport & Accessibility; and
- Best practices to ensure sustainable tourism.

This event will be open to representatives from National/Local Authorities, Municipalities Tourism entities.

The participation of scientists, experts, NGOs and citizens is also welcomed.

For more information, please contact Khouloud Athimen:

For the agenda, please find it here: 2nd March 2023 and 3rd March 2023.

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