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Co-Evolve4BG organizes a participatory event to present the results of the first stage of the project in relation to Djerba pilot, Tunisia

The National Institute of Marine Sciences and Technologies of Tunisia (INSTM), lead beneficiary of Co-Evolve4BG, organizes an Info-Day and a workshop in Djerba, Tunisia as a continuation of the event held on 25th & 26th of June at the same place, where a pilot is going to be carried out.

The main goal is to present and discuss the results of the “Threats & Enabling Factors” analysis at Djerba scale carried out in the first stage of the project, and to identify the main strategic axes to develop coastal maritime tourism in Djerba, that respects nature as well as brings benefits to its citizens.

For more information, please contact Khouloud Athimen:

For the agenda, please find it here: 17th December and 18th December 2021



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