Co-Evolve4BG: training on the analysis of the sustainability of tourism in coastal areas


On 22nd of July 2020, the online training session on the Co-Evolve4BG toolkit was led by Harry Coccossis, Professor of the Department of Planning and Regional Development at the University of Thessaly.

Thanks to this meeting, Co-Evolve4BG partners were able to acquire the basic knowledge of the methodology developed in the Interreg Med funded project CO-EVOLVE, that is called toolkit, to monitor and assess the economic and social performance of the tourist activities and their influence on the potential environmental impacts in tourism destinations. 

The toolkit presented consists of a ready-to-use excel which will form the basis of sustainability assessment in each type of Mediterranean coastal destinations taking part in Co-Evolve4BG. The general concept and utility of the Sustainability Evaluation Tool is to provide planners and policy makers with a user friendly and automated form for measuring and monitoring the key issues related to the sustainable development of each pilot areas of Co-Evolve4BG (in Spain, Italy, Lebanon, Tunisia and Greece).