Co-Evolve4BG meets local actors in Tyre (Lebanon) for a training workshop for sustainable marine tourism


Within the framework of the Co-Evolve4BG project, which includes partners from Tunisia, Lebanon, Italy, Spain and Greece, with the aim of developing coastal human activities, natural systems, sustainable tourism and blue development in the Mediterranean; "AMWAJ" NGO, in cooperation with Tyre Municipality and Tyre Beach Reserve, organized a training workshop in April 2023 to present and discuss studies, priorities and proposals for a strategic plan to develop sustainable marine tourism that respects the environment. 
With the participation of 88 people including representatives of stakeholders in government departments, fishermen and civil society organizations to determine strengths and weaknesses and propose appropriate mechanisms to strengthen and activate efforts for sustainable ecotourism and blue development.

President of “AMWAJ”, Eng. Malek Ghandour, opened the workshop, noting the local and Mediterranean partnership, especially with the National Institute of Marine Sciences and Technologies (INSTM) from Tunisia, and the support of the ENI CBC Med Programme for environmental conservation in the Mediterranean basin through these projects and activities aimed at forming public opinion, pressure forces, and working groups to preserve the sea Mediterranean from pollution and strive to develop coastal management, sustainable tourism and blue development, leading to an integrated management of the Mediterranean coasts.

He welcomed the participants in this training workshop, which relies on the participatory approach in order to compare the proposed goals, mechanisms, initiatives and mechanisms of action for a sustainable marine tourism that respects the environment.

Representative of the Tyre municipality, Mr. Ahmad Faraj, welcomed the participants and this training activity, which is added to the long and fruitful record between AMWAJ and the municipality of Tyre in the participatory work for the good management of the coasts and the cultural and environmental heritage of the city of Tyre. He praised the prominent role of AMWAJ in establishing the Tyre Reserve and participating in its management.
Director of Tyre coast Reserve, Dr. Ali Badereddine, praised the joint efforts between AMWAJ, the Tyre Beach Reserve and the municipality of Tyre, and considered this workshop a necessary need and an important auxiliary factor for establishing a strategic plan of action for Tyre Beach Reserve, the area surrounding the north and south of the city, to integrate protection factors, sustainable management of beaches, and the preservation of marine life. He thanked AMWAJ for this initiative and noted the important support from ENI CBC Med.

The organizers welcomed the participation of representatives from the Ministry of Environment, UNEP and IUCN in order to assess environmental practices in Tyre Beach Protected Area.

Workshop work: After the opening session, the workshop facilitator, Dr. Ghassan Jaradi, managed the sessions and presented the scientific and technical materials prepared in cooperation with the AMWAJ team to achieve goals, draw lessons and experiences, and formulate proposals and recommendations required to achieve sustainable marine tourism.

Then the participants were divided into three working groups: marine tourism, cultural and environmental heritage and marine pollution. Each group leader broadcasted the results of the participatory work between the groups.

In the third session: the results and expectations for the future were presented, moderated and coordinated by the facilitator, Dr. Ghassan Jaradi.

In the fourth session: indicators and influencing factors for marine tourism, integrated coastal management and blue development were collected.

In the closing session: The two experts in charge assigned by “AMWAJ” (Dr. Somaya Ayadi and Raji Maasri) managed the consultative work to answer the toolkit questionnaire to identify the influencing factors, information, statistics and charts for the coast of the Tyre region in order to identify indicators and needs for the development of coastal management.