Co-Evolve4BG in Lebanon identifies key factors for sustainable tourism development with stakeholder participation in Batroun


In the framework of the Co-Evolve4BG project, the Lebanese Ministry of Public Works and Transport, in collaboration with the NGO Al Midan, organised a participatory approach workshop for stakeholders in the pilot area of Batroun on 28-29 December at the Maritime Science and Technology Institute - MARSATI - Fishermen Port, Batroun.

This workshop (Agenda) aimed to
    - Present and discuss the results of the analysis of threats and favourable factors for the development of sustainable tourism in the Batroun region.
    - Disseminate the general concepts related to ICZM/CFSP (Integrated Coastal Zone Management/Common Foreign and Security Policy) and the growth of the blue economy among local stakeholders.
    - Identify the main strategic aspects to pursue in order to develop coastal and marine tourism in Batroun.


The factors resulting from the analysis of threats and enabling factors were presented in four groups gradually, where the stakeholders discussed in working groups each set of factors presented, and selected those of priority individually, before the next set of factors was presented again by the project manager, and so on.
This survey resulted with 44 votes on the factors, seven factors out of twelve, were selected for the elaboration of studies by ranking the highest scores:

Rank    Factor Name
1st    Littoralization and urbanization of touristic areas
2nd    Pollution and anthropogenic pressures affecting ecosystems in tourist areas
3rd    Water supply and depuration
4th    Protection of ecosystems in tourist areas
5th    Touristic fluxes and carrying capacity
6th    Conflicts / synergies between the different land and sea uses and land-sea interaction in touristic areas
7th    Coastal protection measures