Co-Evolve4BG keeps on working on the second participatory workshop in the Circeo National Park (Italy)


The 2nd workshop for the local community on the theme of UNESCO Biosphere Reserves and Sustainable Tourism has been held on 13th June at the Circeo National Park - Borgo di Fogliano - Villa Fogliano, (LT), Italy.

In this second meeting the key actors of the territory have been involved in the sharing of actions to be pursued to build an Action Plan on the tourist promotion of the UNESCO Circeo Biosphere Reserve including the presentation of a logo proposal.

The participants, about thirty, represented mainly the organizations active in the area such as the new DMO funded by the Lazio Region ("Latium Experience" of Latina and the constituent "From Lepini to the Sea" - Association Exotique), environmental associations (WWF and Legambiente), professionals and technicians operating in the Circeo area.  

The participants were involved in the second of three meetings aimed at developing an action plan to bring, by the end of the project (scheduled for next August), a Marketing Plan mainly oriented to the international tourism market, focused on the presence of the UNESCO Circeo Biosphere Reserve. 
During the workshop, Stefano Magaudda of U-Space and Roberto Mazzà of Vivilitalia, presented the results of the first meeting and proposed some project boards with activities to be implemented for the Action Plan. Two of these boards concern the Logo of the Reserve and the Tourist Promotion Plan of the Reserve.

The Logo of the Circeo Biosphere Reserve aims at the promotion of the values of MAB area for tourist purposes. The activity will be carried out in three steps viewing the definition of three Logo proposals, the governance and the regulations for the Logo management. 

The Action Plan for the tourism promotion of UNESCO Circeo MAB Reserve aims at the promotion of an integrated and sustainable system of tourist use. The plan includes communication activities towards inner local  operators to qualify services and structures and towards specific outer targets and markets. These actions will be carried out through the participation in fairs in cooperation with the UNESCO heritage of Lazio, with the  inclusion in the Visit Lazio portal and related social tools and by participating in educational aimed at tour operators, press, bloggers, influencers etc. 

This process will be leaded by the Circeo National Park with the involvement of DMO’s, municipalities and  other subjects with support of Lazio Region.