Co-Evolve4BG in Italy organizes a training session and a workshop to promote the UNESCO Circeo Biosphere Reserve


On 6th June, the second meeting of the Italian participatory phase of the Co-Evolve4BG project took place in presence at the Visitors’ Centre of Circeo National Park in Sabaudia (LT). The event aimed at the development of a tourism promotion project based on the historical recognition of the territory as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. The reserve includes the municipalities of Latina, Sabaudia, San felice Circeo and Terracina, largely within the Circeo National Park.
The meeting was organized by the Tourism Department of Lazio Region and the Circeo National Park with the support of the municipality of Sabaudia and Carabinieri Biodiversity of Fogliano. 

The opening greetings were held by the Circeo National Park Authority, represented by the Acting Director Ester del Bove, by the Commander of the Carabinieri Forestali of Fogliano and Sabaudia, Ten. Col. Sandra Di Domenico, the Mayor of Sabaudia, Gen. Alberto Mosca and the President of the Pro Loco of Sabaudia, Gennaro Di Leva. The Tourism Department of the Region was represented by Giuliano Tallone, who coordinated the works, and by Erica Peroni, Project Manager of Coevolve4BG.
The first part of the meeting was devoted to a training session to share the main themes of Co-Evolve4BG projects such as Integrated Coastal Zone Management  (ICZM), Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) and Sustainable Tourism while the second part dealt with the witnesses of good practices by experts from other UNESCO Biosphere Reserves in Italy, regarding in particular the promotion of tourism in international markets.
These experiences and good practices, starting from concrete evidence, can also help the Circeo territory to build its tourism offer in a sustainable and adequate way.
The participants, about 30, represented mainly the organizations active in the area such as the new DMO funded by the Lazio Region ("Latium Experience" of Latina and the constituent "From Lepini to the Sea" - Association Exotique), Chamber of Commerce of Latina, Pangea Institute, Caetani Foundation (Garden of Nymph), and other technicians operating in the sector.  

In the afternoon they were able to work together, coordinated by Stefano Magaudda of U-Space, in the first of three meetings aimed at developing an action plan to bring, by the end of the project (scheduled for next August), a Marketing Plan mainly oriented to the international tourism market, focused on the presence of the UNESCO Circeo Biosphere Reserve. 
This recognition, as showed by the interventions and in particular that of Filippo Lenzerini, who worked on many of the Italian Biosphere Reserves - has a strong potential on the international market, with specific reference to the Asian and USA.

For the next meetings - on 13th June in Fogliano (Latina) and on 27th June again in Sabaudia - it is hoped that the economic operators in the tourism sector, but also, for example, schools, will be more involved allowing the knowledge of the presence of this important UNESCO recognition to be broadened, and making full use of it in the tourist promotion of the area, also as a key element of regional tourism promotion. 
An operational objective in the participatory Marketing Plan that will be produced in the activities is the realization of a Logo of the UNESCO Circeo Biosphere Reserve to be used for promotional activities.