Co-Evolve4BG in Italy: Lazio Region meets local actors to assess the sustainability of tourism in the Circeo UNESCO – MAB Reserve and National Park


On the 6th April 2023, the regional Tourism Department of Lazio Region organized a virtual workshop involving selected local actors including Circeo National Park authority, local municipalities, the Chamber of Commerce and tourism administrations in order to share and integrate the assessment tool  developed in the context of Co-Evolve4BG project for the development of sustainable coastal and maritime tourism.

During the meeting the participants were asked to vote the macrothemes identified by the project in order to evaluate the most significant ones to represent the characteristics, threats and opportunities to reduce the impacts of human activities and to balance tourism and environmental protection in the pilot area.

The results of the survey are expected in a week and will be used in the next activities of the project. 

Two more workshops will be held in May, possibly in presence, involving a wider number of local stakeholders aiming at developing an action plan including the local ongoing initiatives of mitigation and adaptation and at the same time identifying concrete actions for the promotion of sustainable tourism in the Circeo MAB area.