Co-Evolve4BG involves local stakeholders in a participatory workshop held in Djerba to better identify ways for sustainable tourism


The National Institute of Marine Sciences and Technologies (INSTM) -Co-Evolve4BG Lead Beneficiary- organized a “Participatory Workshop” in Djerba, Tunisia on 17th December 2021. The event was composed of three main sessions.

The first session aimed to discuss the main outputs of Threat & Enabling Factors (T&EF) analysis at Djerba region with the participants It is worth mentioning that these T&EF were selected at the previous step based on the feedback of local actors through an “Online Brainstorming Survey ”. 
In this context, to ensure a fruitful exchange between experts and stakeholders, “World Café” approach was adopted. This approach consists of dividing the local actors into several groups. Each group covers a specific Threat or Enabling Factor for 15 minutes. Later on, the groups switch to another Threat or Enabling Factor group. This session led to a cross-fertilizing discussion as each participant had an opportunity to express its point of view concerning the main recommendations and outcomes of T&EF analysis at the Djerba scale.

In the frame of capacity building, the second session aimed to help local actors to understand better the general aspects related to Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) /Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) and Blue Growth in a funny and interactive way. To do so, a game was developed by Co-Evolve4BG-INSTM team. The game is composed of a board game and 24 cards containing multi-choice questions related to the general aspect of ICZM/MSP and Blue Growth. The first player (participant), arriving into Co-Evolve4BG logo through answering correctly all the questions, is the winner. During this session, local actors had a great time learning while playing.

The final session aimed to identify the main strategic axes to pursue in order to develop a coastal/maritime tourism that respects nature and -at the same time- brings benefits to Djerba. In this context, participants were divided into several groups with different backgrounds. Each group received an empty map of Djerba. They were asked to customize the map (drawing, writing…) while identifying the “MAIN PRIORITIES” that must be focused on to achieve sustainable coastal/maritime tourism in Djerba. Based on the customized maps, a debate was held in which several priorities were highlighted such as:
-       Diversification of the coastal/maritime tourism product;
-       Improving the accessibility to the island through boosting the maritime transport sector;
-       Contributing to tourism promotion through preserving the local architecture and protecting the natural & cultural sites in Djerba.

The result of this session will be the base of further workshops and activities in the framework of the project implementation.