Promoting the sustainable development of human activities and natural systems in coastal tourist areas: Co-Evolve4BG holds infoday in Lebanon


On Thursday, 1st of October 2020 and, within the framework of implementing Co-Evolve4BG project activities, AMWAJ NGO under the patronage of the Union of Tyr Municipalities, organized the presentation of the Co-Evolve4BG project in Lebanon.


The session started with Eng. Hassan Dbouk, head of Tyr municipality, Union of Tyr Municipalities and head of Tyr Coast Reserve Committee, that highlighted the importance of projects that help in founding rules for sustainable development and the protection of marine natural resources and encouraged the participation of local community institutions to achieve the goals of the project, wishing success for AMWAJ NGO and the project management.


Eng. Malek Ghandour, president of AMWAJ NGO, spoke about the partners and the general objectives of the project that aims at analyzing and promoting the development of human activities and natural systems in the coastal tourist areas to achieve sustainable development goals within the tourism activities based on integrated management of coastal areas and marine spatial planning and to promote blue growth in the Mediterranean.

Mr Hicham Abou Jaoudi, the project's technical coordinator, presented the objectives and activities of the project at the local level. Besides, Mr Hichan presented the expected results of the project and the means of cooperation with the local community for developing sustainable tourism in the pilot areas of Tyr and Batroun.


To conclude the session, forthcoming activities to develop the pilot in Lebanon were planned.