Co-Evolve4BG develops synergies with other ENI CBC Med projects dealing Integrated Coastal Zone Management


On 26th July 2021, Co-Evolve4BG participated in the 3rd Cluster Meeting under Priority 4.4 “Integrated Coastal Zone Management” organized by the Joint Technical Secretariat of the ENI CBC Med Programme. The event aimed to forge synergies between the different ongoing ENI CBC MED projects. In this context, possible collaboration actions  have been identified by the participants who have expressed their will to create synergies.

During this event, the general objectives  of Co-Evolve4BG have been presented by the Lead Beneficiary. Later on, potential synergies of Co-Evolve4Bg with other ENI CBC MED projects were suggested.

The meeting was fruitful as it helped Co-Evolve4BG partners to find opportunities for synergy with other ongoing projects funded by ENI CBC Med Programme.