CLUSTER4GREEN presents a training course platform to turn linear business into circular in Smartcities development


The SME4SMARTCITIES “training course” (SME4SMARTCITIES Mediterranean SMEs, Cities & the Smart City sector.) is an online platform that is a means of training for SMEs, Clusters, Universities, etc. It is committed to its sustainable development under the European framework of the European Union's Circular Economy Action Plan.

The platform is composed of 57 topics grouped into 6 modules and has been developed and adjusted by different experts and tested by SMEs who applied as volunteers to the SME4SMARTCITIES project.

It relies on the classic topics about sustainability and innovation but is focused on circular economy and green procurement policies for Smartcities, developing a new methodology.

This platform will help their users to develop ideas according to the new times where eco-responsibility has turned crucial and it will also be a good tool to simplify the relationships between the different stakeholders that usually participate in Smarcity projects so agreements would come easier and citizens will benefit from it.


In addition, the project website, where all this content can be found, supports the training platform with the creation of an e-community where different users can collaborate between themselves by publishing news, opening debates or contacting directly with other members.

Although the platform is still closed to public access, the public launch it is planned for  Autumn 2022 so everybody will be able to benefit from it.

SME4SMARTCITIES “training course” will be capitalized in Cluster4Green project: CLUSTER4GREEN | ENI CBC Med.