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CLUSTER4GREEN organises a congrees in Cairo on Enhancing Innovation and Investments by SMEs on Circularity.

The Federation of Egyptian Industries Member of Cluster4Green project is one of the implementers of the project “promoting Innovative clusters and value chain of SMEs for sustainable development-CLUSTER4GREEN”. The project is financed by the European Union. It is to be implemented simultaneously in varies Mediterranean countries.

The CLUSTER4GREEN project in cooperation with the Federation of Egyptian Industries will hold the Cairo Congress on Enhancing Innovation and Investment by SMEs on Circularity During March 14th, 2023 at Stiegnberger hotel – Tahrir sq. , Cairo.

This event aims to present innovative green-oriented models of business, schemes for investments, opportunities of new products and services. Also it will shed light on best practices of green financing through a key player and market lead in this field to provide more concrete knowledge to stakeholders who will be attending this congress and will focus on practices for strengthening the cooperation in the ENI Med area, including public strategies, business models and technologies.

Following to the Congress another important event for stakeholders & local consultancies will take place. The FEI will launch CLUSTER4GREEN Sustainable Investment Framework National Impact Rating an online tool and a methodological guide developed by ANIMA Investment Network allowing to assess the sustainability of a business projects according to its economic, social, environmental and territorial impacts. The assessment is based on a questionnaire and provides a rating of the project performance for 33 criteria allowing to cover the project impacts for each sustainability dimension (economic, social, environmental and territorial impacts. The purpose of the rating tool is to develop a national rating tool to assess investment sustainability in collaboration with national institutions.

Eventually, FEI will conduct Sustainable Investment Framework Pitching Competition in cooperation with ICEALEX co. The purpose of the competition is to stimulate companies to be part of a continuous dynamic improvement and to encourage them to acquire a global vision and a strategy that projects them into the future and to shed light on innovations in the water, waste, energy, food, fashion and transportation sectors in Egypt with an eyes on economic, social, environmental & community criteria (territorial) prospective.

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