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CLUSTER4GREEN to be present in the 8th Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility in Tunisian

CLUSTER4GREEN, represented by it partner The Confederation of Tunisian Business Citizens (CONECT) is participating on Wednesday, October 26, 2022 at the Royal Swiss ASBU hotel in the 8th Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), around the theme:

"CSR The leverage of circular economy and sustainable investment"

CONECT's CSR department has the opportunity to carry out, with the support of the CLUSTER4GREEN project implemented by the ENI CBC Med Program and EU funding, a sustainable investment program to support and promote public/private, national/foreign investment projects, both at national and regional level and to see how state institutions, associations and NGOs as well as private companies approach and deal with the issue of "greening" and identify the existing synergies between these actors and/or to be developed to create an alliance for sustainable investment based on national and regional partnerships in order to ensure the implementation of actions to support and promote sustainable investments at the national level and internationally.

The objective of this national conference on CSR is to open the debate on the collective, local and regional perspectives favoring an integration of the concerns of the various territorial actors and to make their actions converge in favor of the preservation of the environment, the promotion and support of green and circular entrepreneurship and more generally in favor of sustainable development.

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