Climate Action and Energy Transition in EU and Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC): GreenBuilding discusses Adaptation and Mitigation Solutions!


Greater Irbid Municipality (Jordan), representing the GreenBuilding project, will participate in the online Conference entitled "Climate Action and Energy Transition in EU and Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC): Adaptation and Mitigation Solutions" which is organized by the EU-GCC Clean Energy Technology Network, the Environmental Center for Arab Towns (ECAT) and the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy (GCoM) and will take place on July 7, 2021 at 10.00 CET/12.00 GST. Mrs. Reham Jammal, representing Greater Irbid Municipality, will take part in the first session of the conference, entitled “Resilient urban futures: Enhancing local capacities and adaptation/mitigation solutions”.

Climate change is increasingly factored into a variety of development plans: such as how to manage the more severe and frequent extreme disasters we are seeing and their associated risks, how to protect coastlines and deal with sea-level encroachment, how to best manage land and forests, how to deal with and plan for reduced water availability, how to develop resilient crop varieties and how to protect energy supply systems and public infrastructure.
This workshop will be an opportunity to share experiences and got a better understanding of the current adaptation and mitigation solutions and set recommendations for all kinds of stakeholders, in particular municipalities, local authorities, NGOs and the private sector. The aim of this virtual event is twofold:

  • Discuss the development of local capacities and climate adaptation and mitigation solutions in urban areas and the development of climate action plans that take into consideration the imminent challenges threatening the cities of the region including energy transition as well as the commitment vis-à-vis the international and national agendas (e.g. Paris agreement, UN Sustainable Development Goalss, energy transition targets, etc.)
  • Exchange relevant knowledge, best practices, information, and lessons learned and advance regional initiatives on climate action and the integration of clean and smart energy technologies in particular at urban level. 

The registration for the online conference is now open. You may register your interest to attend here

Learn more details on the event and find the agenda here.