CLIMA - All about compost, how to manage organic waste in Lebanon


As organic gardening is on the rise, and since the treatment of organic waste is one of the main pillars of the Clima project, Arcenciel (Lebanese NGO and CLIMA project partner) hosted an All about compost webinar in order to discuss the different composting techniques currently being implemented in Lebanon. 4 experts participated in the webinar: Christ Der Sarkissian from Arcenciel - Marc Aoun co-founder of Compost Baladi - Ramy Mehanna, sales manager from Meker for Kitchens & Wardrobes and Nada Ghanem from Douda Vermiculture solutions.

The webinar was launched by an impact report on the activities and the mission of the Lebanese NGO Arcenciel, and an overview of the Clima project. The introduction was also focused on the difference between compost and CLO (compost like output), highlighting the main characteristics of each product.

Compost Baladi’s co-founder and general manager Marc Aoun presented the different composting techniques they are implementing both on individual and municipalities level while insuring that these techniques can be easily applied and have a valuable outcome. Christ Der Sarkissian discussed the in-vessel composting method being implemented in Taanayel and the factors affecting the composting procedure. He also explained the process of the rotary drum composter which was patented.

Ramy Mehanna from Meker, branched a department in his family business introducing the 24 hours composter, a device that can be used in any kitchen for the processing of organic waste. He also showcased the different machines that can be used by companies or municipalities. Nada Ghanem, an expert in vermicomposting presented the method being used by Douda vermiculture solutions emphasizing the importance of earthworms in the natural process of breaking down organic material. Red worms being the favorite for this type of composting. 

The feedback on this webinar came back positive, with 142 officially registered attendees from many countries including Lebanon, Italy, Jordan, Hong Kong, Tunisia, USA and many more. The views on Arcenciel’s Facebook page reached 1.5k. The interaction between the panelists and the attendees was strong, attendees asked many questions that were all answered by the experts.