CEOMED in Tunisia received the visit of the Joint Technical Secretariat to Sfax pilot on waste management


Two delegates from the Ministry of Economy and Planning of Tunisia - Unit for the Management of Cross-Border Cooperation Programs and five members of Joint Technical Secretariat as well as the Branch office of Valencie, both structures of the ENI CBC MED Program, visited the Centre of Biotechnology of Sfax, CEOMED Tunisian partner, on 2 February 2023.

The visit started by presenting the Laboratory of Environmental Bioprocesses (LBPE) research activities and a tour through the research laboratories of LBPE. The CEOMED project activities were presented during the visit to the CEOMED platform, which was dedicated to implementing a pilot demonstration of anaerobic digestion processes.

Fours activities were presented: 1) Preparation and characterisation of fruits and vegetable wastes; 2) Optimisation of anaerobic digestion using lab-scale anaerobic digesters; 3) pilot demonstration of three processes (single phase system; two-phase system and integrated system) and 4) agronomic valorisation of anaerobic digestate for the culture of tomatoes in a hydroponic system. 

After this visit, the CBS team took part in the meeting of the JTS at the municipality of Sfax .