BEEP team visits the Palestinian pilot building to advance its energy and environmental analysis


The CCHP and PALSSES team visited the Palestinian pilot located at Morcos Nassar Palace building in Bethlehem on Thursday 30th of April 2020, to prepare the heritage building information model for the energy and environmental analyses within the framework of BEEP project.

This visit was made after a meeting of the working group of the BEEP project, which was held on Tuesday 28th of April 2020, where the team discussed the developments in the project, arranged for the upcoming activities, and the potential challenges that the project will face during the work.

The team inspected parts of the building familiar with the components related to all forms of energy in addition to the architectural and mechanical aspects, such as the ventilation, insulation, lighting, and the condition of the building components.

In addition, the level of daylight dependence, the effectiveness of lighting and the specifications of the lighting fixtures and their condition in the building were checked in in terms of the condition of the windows, doors and walls.

As a result of the field visit, the team suggested energy efficient solutions which will be taken into consideration in developing the 3D model, which helps to get the appropriate energy and environmental analyses as a description of the existing condition of the building.

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